Membership to the Newcastle H.O.G. Chapter costs only $40 for the first year, which includes a small chapter rocker.  Membership Renewals are on the anniversary of your joining date and the renewal fee is $30 per annum.  A very small price to pay for our Membership Benefits.

To be a member of Newcastle H.O.G. you must:

  1. Hold an appropriate Motorcycle License
  2. Be a Life, Full or Associate member of H.O.G. International or have applied for membership with H.O.G. International. You should have received a 1yr membership to H.O.G. International with your purchase of a new Harley Davidson.  To find out more information about that visit the H.O.G. Members Site or a dealer. Confirmation of your membership/application to H.O.G. International is part of the application review process
  3. Complete the Application Below



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